MLP IT Services

We are continually reviewing and updating our IT services in order to offer clients the latest developments in this changing field. A number of innovative report format options are now available, including transmission by email and electronic links between clients and the laboratory.

Hard copy of results is routinely provided. Faxed or emailed results will always facilitate speed of reporting. Telephone results can also be obtained by contacting our Customer Support department on 1800 303 349 . If you would like to have all of your results emailed to you, please email with your instruction.  



Real Time Pathology Results- Anywhere, Anytime

Webster provides referring doctors with direct internet access to our secure database, via an existing internet connection, to view results from any location.


    • Internet Connection - is all you require
    • Software - None to install - use your current web browser
    • Secure - password protected encrypted transmissions
    • Customised Result Lists - easy data retrieval
    • Cumulative Results - graphs available
    • Pathology Supplies - order on-line
    • Patient Collection Instruction - print for patient
    • Multiple Results Per Page - print/copy/paste
    • All data backed up - long term availability assured




    Is our dedicated software program that enables referring doctors to download their patients' pathology results using an existing internet connection.


    • Ease of use, Internet-based
    • Encrypted transmissions
    • Advanced security features
    • Confirmed delivery of results
    • Summary of delivered reports and pending reports
    • Can be started manually and/or scheduled
    • Self-updating as new versions released
    • Interfaces directly to existing clinical software
    • Compatible with 2003 Small Business Server, Windows 7, Apple Mac
    • Access to all Sonic subsidiaries

    Results by Email
    Results are delivered as an attachment that can be printed or forwarded.

    The email format of the report can be in HTML or PDF with an option for encryption.
    If you would like to receive your results by email please contact us at 

    Faxing ensures that your results are sent as soon as they become available.


    Electronic Links
    With many practices now using software systems to manage patient data, the demand for electronic results has increased. There are many ways of linking to practice systems. If you would like to discuss receiving results electronically, please contact us at


    Contact Customer Support on 1800 303 349  or email for more information or to be connected. 


    Data Protection

    MedLab Pathology is registered with the Data Protection Commissioner; Reference Number 11419/A