MLP Logistics

The transport of biological specimens is never simple and needs to be handled with a high degree of sensitivity & care. At MedLab Pathology our expert logistics team understands the importance of running an efficient and secure specimen transport service which prevents delays in the movement of your samples ensuring that results are never compromised.  Our logistics team combines many years’ of industry-specific experience and expertise bringing together medical knowledge with the best current logistical procedures within the industry. Our approach is always patient-centric with our departmental ethos of “we take it personally”.

Our Services

MedLab Pathology has established a dedicated and comprehensive pathology sample transport network which caters for the daily collection and delivery of medical and Infectious specimens of both UN3373 CAT B and UN2814 CAT A in compliance with ADR, throughout Ireland. This service is available to MLP clients as well as Hospitals, GP practices and Medical Centre’s throughout the 32 counties of Ireland. We also provide transport of samples throughout the globe, both ambient and frozen, through our partnership with the logistics industry’s leading international service providers. We can also provide transport of RIMD (Reusable Invasive Medical Devices). Our in-house Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) ensures that all specimens and RIMD are transported in accordance with current Health and Safety legislation and fully comply with ADR regulations. All international deliveries are sent in accordance with IATA regulations by IATA trained staff and are continuously monitored to ensure safe passage directly to their destination. MedLab Logistics transport thousands of patient specimens both nationally and internationally each week through our digital courier interface MLP collect.

MLP Collect

Our bespoke online booking platform, MLP collect, provides our clients with full transparency and traceability on their samples from booking, collection and proof of delivery at the required temperature for transport. Use of this service makes the booking and tracking of samples far more efficient, improves the user's experience and allows valuable time and resources to be allocated elsewhere. MLP collect gives the user full real-time visibility from confirmation of booking all along the supply chain until it reaches the receiver.  Each package is tracked by its own unique identification number and is traceable at all times, including live temperature monitoring via our ThermoKing monitoring system.

Our Drivers

All MedLab Logistics drivers are fully uniformed and receive Hazardous Chemical training and hold a valid ADR license for drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous goods issued by the Health and Safety Authority. Each member of the MedLab Logistics team takes part in driver training sessions, imparting a clear knowledge of the products being transported to staff on the road and in the laboratory.

All drivers are regularly audited compliance by our in-house quality department and DGSA and receive ongoing training in:

  • ADR – transport for dangerous goods by road
  • Specimen packaging through Instructor Lead Training (ILT) on transportation of blood product
  • The use of Bio-Hazard spill kits in the event of specimen spillage
  • GDP (Good Distribution Practice’s) through instructor-led training
  • The use of refrigeration units and real-time temperature monitoring systems
  • A clear knowledge of laboratory practices and procedures with annual courier register training
  • Documentation practices relating to collection and deliveries

Our Vehicles

MedLab operates a modern and dedicated specimen logistics fleet equipped to the highest standards for carrying of CAT A and CAT B biological substances.  Each vehicle is equipped with refrigeration units to transport specimens at +4°C, freezers to transport frozen specimens at -20°C and transport boxes for ambient specimens. This ensures all specimens arrive at their destination in the same condition as when they left the laboratory. Each vehicle is monitored by our in-house team via GPS tracking, providing both accurate arrival times and improved security.  Our in-house team monitors live data through Thermoking providing a real-time overview of temperature control across the fleet, ensuring correct levels of required temperature is maintained during transport. The driver also monitors these temperature requirements during the day through an in-cab display and alarm system, notifying any variation in temperatures to ensure optimum performance. A full reporting suite is available for traceability of temperature in patient samples. All vehicles carry the correct safety equipment required by ADR legislation. These vehicles, processes and procedures are audited externally for DGSA and ADR compliance annually.

Our Logistics department can be contacted on 1800 303 349 between 08:00 – 16:00 Mon – Fri for the collection of specimens from GP Surgeries, Hospitals and Clinics throughout the country or via email


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