MLP Quality Management

MedLab Pathology is fully committed to providing the highest quality diagnostic and consultative laboratory service to all users in a timely and cost effective manner. Patient care and safety is of primary concern.  Laboratory Management is committed to the maintenance of the Quality Management System so that the requirements of the Irish National Accreditation Board and ISO 15189:2012 are met on an ongoing basis. The effectiveness of the systems in place is monitored and necessary improvements are identified and implemented.

The MedLab Pathology Quality Management System ensures that:

  • Accurate results are issued to the requestor 
  • Clinical advisory services are available for all disciplines
  • Staff are fully trained and competent
  • Equipment & consumables are sourced from approved suppliers
  • Equipment is validated and maintained
  • Approved suppliers are monitored for performance
  • Procedures are in place from sample receipt to sample reporting
  • All tests are enrolled with a recognised External Quality Assurance provider
  • Results are reported in a timely manner
  • Departmental Quality Objectives are defined and monitored
  • Departmental Quality Indicators are decided and monitored
  • Departmental and Quality Assurance meetings take place
  • All Incidents are thoroughly investigated and appropriate corrective actions put in place
  • Analysis is performed so any trends are identified and to monitor the effectiveness of continual improvement processes
  • Internal audit schedule covering all areas is completed annually
  • Process Maps are defined and risk assessments are complete