Client Notifications


CN171 - Discontinuation of Saliva Testing with Immediate Effect

CN170 - Possible Transport Delays for Rosalind Franklin Bloods

CN169 - Suspension of Co-Testing (Cytology & HPV) services 

CN167 - Temporary Service Interruptions for Some test Parameters 

CN166 - Discontinuation of Mycoplasma Urea Plasma Cultures (MYCS) 

CN165 - Heb B immunity Notification 

CN164 - Phospholipid IgG (PLIP) test being discontinued 

CN163 - Change to reference range for Urine Mercury-Creatinine Ratio 

CN161 - Update to reporting of lipid profile 

CN160 - HPRA Safety Notice SN2019 (31), Sulfadalazine Interference with laboratory tests 

CN159 - Christmas 2019 MLP Collections - Main Schedule v2 

CN158 - Christmas 2019 MLP Collections - CUMH 

CN156 - Christmas 2019 MLP Postal dates 

CN155 - Change in reporting format of Early Detection Screen PCR NAAT STDX  

CN154 - Change in Hep B DNA Viral Load (DNAB) Reference Range 

CN153 v.2 - Restoration of normal services for Mycology Skin Scrapings by PCR DERM 

CN153 - Delay in turnaround time for Mycology/Skin Scrapings by PCR DERM

CN152 - Client Notification Reminder for the Supply and delivery of Stock Orders

CN151 - Temporary Suspension of PTHrP Analysis

CN150 - Change in Methylmalonic Acid (MMAS) reference range

CN149v2 - Restoration of normal services for Harmony Tests

CN149 Client Notification Temporary Reagent Shortage for Harmony tests

CN148 Update to reporting units and reference ranges

CN147 Update to reporting of FIT (Faecal Immunochemical Test)

CN146 Potential interference with Creatinine, Bicarbonate (CO2) and CRP tests

CN144 - Change to the Malaria Rapid Diagnostic test

CN139v3 - Reminder for the  Introduction of Co-Testing for All Private Cervical Cytology Samples

CN139v2 - Introduction of Co-Testing for ALL Cervical Cytology Samples - Updated